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Order turnkey website development

  • Image sites with guarantee

    Layout without prepayment: In order for you to evaluate the quality of the work performed, we will prepare a layout of the main page without prepayment. After the results obtained, you will be able to make a decision on further cooperation.

  • Technical support FOREVER

    Free technical support: assistance in filling, adjusting design and layout, creating new pages and sections, restoring in case of failures, adding new blocks and elements, as well as a number of other works that do not require long-term participation.

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Order <b>turnkey</b> website development

Order the creation of a website in Moscow TURNKEY without risk

Don't risk your money

We prepare the first layout without prepayment, so that you can evaluate the quality and decide on further cooperation. At the same time, the cost of creating a turnkey website in our company can be assessed as average. We do not make cheap and template websites. We do not create websites at unreasonably high prices. The principle of our company is high quality at a reasonable price.

Don't risk your time

We do not distract the customer from his daily tasks with our questions. We are going the other way: we offer our options for approval. All that is required from the customer is a “like” or “dislike” answer. If you don't like it, we offer new options. We do everything possible to meet the deadline specified in the contract.

P.S.: Thus, we maintain friendly relations not only during the development period, but also after the project is completed.

Web development studio


  • 2012 Year the company was founded
  • 9 specialists A team you can trust with any project
  • Individual approach These are not just words, these are our choices
  • Warranty and technical support We maintain the site even after the project is completed

SERVICES for website creation

The cost of creating a turnkey website in Moscow depends on various factors. Firstly, this is the goal (sales, creating an image, increasing the level of trust, informing, etc.). Secondly, the company’s activities (provision of services, sale of goods, production, etc.). Thirdly, on the type of site (corporate site, online store, catalogue, business card site, landing page, CRM system, etc.).

We are well aware of all these subtleties, and we are ready to offer the ideal website option that is right for you.

Creation of official websites for companies engaged in services.
  • Corporate UX/UI design
  • Unlimited functionality
  • Development and content
  • Free technical support
Online store
An option for those who sell goods.
  • Corporate UX/UI design
  • Convenient catalog
  • Integrations (payment, delivery, 1C, etc.)
  • Free technical support
Website for SEO
Corporate website with maximum optimization for Yandex
  • Quick rise in Yandex
  • Optimized texts
  • Unconventional design
  • Free technical support
Landing / Promotional site
One-page website for advertising. Super sales!
  • Modern UX/UI design
  • Quick start
  • High sales conversion
  • Free technical support
Business card website
Small presentation with individual design
  • Unique design
  • Launch in 7 days
  • Multi-page site
  • Free technical support
Customized solution
Atypical project requiring the development of an individual control system
  • CRM, courses, services
  • Professional design
  • Adaptation for mobile
  • Free technical support
Until December 31, 2024
#1 Free technical support for life Which includes
  • Recovery in case of failures
  • Design and layout adjustments
  • Creating new pages and sections
  • Adding new blocks and elements
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Until May 1, 2024
#2 SEO promotion with a 50% discount Terms of action:
  • Only for corporate websites and online stores
  • SEO promotion for 3 months
  • Valid on all SEO plans
  • No restrictions on SEO services
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Until May 15, 2024
#3 -10% when ordering a second site Terms of action:
  • The promotion applies to similar types of sites
  • The second site can be designed for any company. But the customer must be the same person
  • The discount is calculated after preparing a commercial offer
  • The third site will have an even bigger discount! Follow promotions
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Favorite control systems

CMS ModX Revolution
CMS 1C-Bitrix
CMS WordPress

The cost of website creation includes:

Form style
Form style

We will develop or adjust the corporate style of your organization

Site content
Site content

Turnkey website development means that it is completely ready for launch. Content managers will fill it

Logo development
Logo development

An original logo that will set you apart from your competitors

Catalog of goods and services
Catalog of goods and services

Clear and convenient presentation of your offers with the possibility of ordering

SEO optimization
SEO optimization

We will prepare your website for rapid growth in search engines

mobile version
mobile version

Correct display on PCs, tablets and smartphones

Convenient control
Convenient control

The control system allows you to change content yourself

Domain and hosting
Domain and hosting

Corporate individual domain and site location


Unlimited number of pages and sections


Sections that show that the company is alive and thriving

Accepting payments
Accepting payments

Accept payments from your customers on the website

Integration with CRM
Integration with CRM

Store your entire database of applications and clients in a single system

Visitor statistics
Visitor statistics

Full control over your visitors, including in "video mode"

Photo and video gallery
Photo and video gallery

Visual demonstration of examples of work to site visitors

Feedback Forms
Feedback Forms

Visitors should be able to ask you their questions


Quick site recovery in case of failures or hacking

Personal consultant
Personal consultant

Need advice from an experienced specialist? Call, write, we’ll discuss everything

Technical support
Technical support

All improvements and corrections to the site are made free of charge at any time.

Make a turnkey website - how is it?

This means that the result of our work will be a website completely ready for launch. This is not a template or a semi-finished product. This is an exclusive project created according to individual customer requirements. Starting from corporate identity and ending with the preparation of texts, searching for photographic materials and content.

It is worth noting two important bonuses with which we are closing the project: SEO optimization

Under the close guidance of an SEO specialist, the developer fully optimizes the site for search engines. Thus, with due attention, the site will receive high positions in the Yandex and Google results.

Technical support

After you receive your site, you can be sure that it is secure and functional. But we will not only help you restore it in case of failure, but we will also correct the design, layout, content, and also create new pages and sections. We will also set up mail, install counters, add chat, install security certificates and perform a number of other works completely free of charge.

Dmitry Babkin
We are not looking for clients, we are looking for partners It is in our interests to develop your business. Therefore, we always bring positive results and We have been cooperating with companies for many years. let's get acquainted
Marina Karpova
Lead coder
Maxim Vronsky
Project manager
Anastasia Drozdova
SEO specialist
Ekaterina Menshova
Sergey Pavlov
layout designer
Alexander Uvarov
Content manager
Evgenia Medvedeva
Alla Kiseleva

Website development (Moscow). Why «WebEsthet»?

What makes our company different from others? This is the desire to develop your business even when it is not very profitable for us. Our goal is to help you, thus maintaining a positive relationship and good reputation for many years. Website development turnkey – This is a principled position, the result of which is a complete, complete product that can compete and occupy high positions in searches. And also sell goods and services and attract the attention of potential buyers and partners.

We do not make cheap template sites and do not work with those whose goal – This is saving money to the detriment of your business. Order turnkey website development – means investing in the development of your company. Even if the website is not the main point of sale, it will still help attract attention and create the image of the company. What is the image of your company? How well does your current website present it?

We are always happy to study new areas of business for our customers in order to understand their target audience and the ultimate goal of the site itself. For example, why do you need to order the creation of a website for a plant that works only with government defense orders? Or why a website for a company that sells products only on Wildberries and Ozon? Why is a website so necessary for an artist who receives a huge number of orders through word of mouth? We analyze each case individually and offer a website option that will be truly useful. Inexpensive template or ready-made solutions in this case will have a detrimental effect on the reputation of their owner. 


Free technical support. Could the resulting website be a finished product? Yes, but only for the moment in time when we rent it out. But your business is developing, and, therefore, your website must develop and be updated. Need to add any information? Let's do it! Make changes to the design? Please! Change the site address, details, pictures? Always happy to help. Moreover, we will do it for free, which is stated in the contract.

Design as you dreamed! To ensure that the design and functionality turn out exactly as planned, we begin work by designing prototypes of all pages. That is, we make black and white layouts of absolutely all pages of the site. And only after agreement we move on to design. We also draw layouts for each page and transfer them to the assembly only after you are satisfied with the result.

We will start work without advance payment. Yes, this is possible. If the project is interesting to us, we are ready to start developing the site without prepayment. What does this work include? Typically this is the home page layout. In this case, you will be able to determine the level of our company and make a decision on further cooperation.



About the work "WebEsthet"

Latest projects

Corporate website ProLunch. The fastest innovative restaurants in Moscow
Corporate website ProLunch. The fastest innovative restaurants in Moscow
Corporate website
The fastest innovative restaurants in Moscow What was done:
  • Brand book development
  • Complete change in the design concept of the ProLunch restaurant chain
  • Development of a colorful website with updated restaurant menus
  • Integration with 1C
  • Help in launching a new direction: refrigerators (minimarkets) BoxLunch
Online store
Contact Point
New generation Internet provider: Internet, television, equipment. What was done:
  • Complete website restructuring
  • Change of design to a more modern styling 
  • Replacing the control system with a more convenient one
  • Integration of the site with external services
  • Filling the site with new materials
Online store Contact Point. New generation Internet provider: Internet, television, equipment.
document .
Online store LLC «MosSnabStroy». A full range of metalworking services: manufacturing of embedded parts, metal structures, galvanizing, pipe insulation, etc.
Online store LLC «MosSnabStroy». A full range of metalworking services: manufacturing of embedded parts, metal structures, galvanizing, pipe insulation, etc.
Online store
LLC «MosSnabStroy»
A full range of metalworking services: manufacturing of embedded parts, metal structures, galvanizing, pipe insulation, etc. What was done:
  • Development of a new design based on customer requirements
  • Convenient purchasing system without additional pages
  • High site speed
  • Easy site navigation
  • Filling the site with materials from a third-party resource
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Do you really provide technical support for free?

Yes, we do provide free technical support for sites after their delivery. Moreover, this technical support has no time limit. That is, you will be able to use it even after a year or two. We remember all our clients and keep contacts forever.

Another important point: the technical support service is specified in the contract. This will guarantee the functionality of your site.

What is included in technical support? It includes restoring the site in case of failures, treating and cleaning from viruses, creating new pages and sections, installing counters, setting metric goals, creating corporate mail on a domain, connecting the domain to the Yandex or mail service, assistance in filling, adjustments design and layout, as well as a number of other tasks that do not require a long time.

We need a guarantee. Can we start working without prepayment?

In some cases, we are ready to meet you halfway and start developing a website without prepayment. As a rule, customers have doubts about graphics. It is unclear whether developers will be able to satisfy their need for original design. Therefore, we can protect you from unnecessary expenses and scandals by developing the layout of the main page. If you are satisfied with it, then you make an advance payment and we continue to work. If not, we stop without mutual claims.

What do you need to get started? To do this, we sign a standard contract with you, issue you an invoice and begin work.

Can you make a template website on Tilda?

We do not create websites using builders (be it a builder from Tilda, Tinkoff, Yandex, Wix, etc.), or using boxed management systems (Joomla, Wordpress, OpenCart, etc.). The only boxed system that we are ready to use – This is Bitrix. But only at the request of the customer.

Why don't we use constructors and boxed systems? Simply because they already contain a lot of functionality that you will not need, but will be in the code of your site. That is, the site will be heavily overloaded with unnecessary scripts and other information.

Ready-made modules and plugins – this is also a joy. To bring them to the desired form, you have to rewrite them considerably. Sometimes system files are overwritten, which limits CMS updates and slows down the site even more. As a result, you get a rewritten monster that will be difficult to continue improving. After two or three modifications by other specialists, such a site turns into a dump.

That's why we use systems that allow you to create a website almost completely from scratch. Moreover, such systems are very popular.

What are the stages of website development?

Immediately after signing the contract, we create a common group in a messenger convenient for you (WhatsApp or Telegram). In this group, on our side, there is a project manager and a designer. From your side, everyone you specify.

At the first stage the designer will ask a number of clarifying questions and prepare a prototype (black and white diagram) of the main page. After agreeing with you and making the necessary adjustments, the designer prepares the internal pages.

At the second stage the layout of the main page is developed based on the prototypes. In the same way, after approval, layouts of internal pages are developed.

At the third stage the layouts are made and installed on the control system. The site is installed on a test domain. Now you can go to it and test it.

At the fourth stage we fill the site and transfer it to the working domain. The site is ready.

The fifth stage includes technical support (creation of counters, corporate mail, adjustments if something was missed, etc.). Now the site can be promoted in search or advertised

Who prepares texts for the site?

This issue is resolved individually. Some of our customers prepare texts themselves. This is an ideal option, since no one except the customer himself knows every detail about his company, services and products.

If you do not have the opportunity to prepare texts, we will prepare them. All texts must be agreed upon with you before being sent to the site.

Will you fill the online store after it is created?

We fill online stores for free. But only if you have a ready-made database to load. It can be in Excel, YML format, somewhere in 1C, My Warehouse,, etc. If you do not have a prepared unloading, we can fill it manually for free, but no more than 100 items. From 100 only using a ready-made database.

What if I need new functionality? Can your sites be expanded and improved?

Of course. Our sites can be modified almost endlessly. Even if you ordered a business card website, then later you can turn it into, for example, an online store or even a CRM system with a complex structure. At the same time, the site will still be easy to manage and system files will not be damaged.

What is cheaper: changing the design of an old website or completely developing a new one?

In 90% of cases the price will be the same. Moreover, if the system on which the site is installed is old. In this case, the stages of changing the design will be the same as when developing a new website:

  1. prototyping
  2. design development
  3. layout
  4. installation on the control system

And we almost always recommend doing the 4th point with an updated system (again, if the system is really old).

In terms of price and time, installation on an old system is not much different from installing a new one. In the case of the old system, we spend more time transferring the design. In the case of the new system, we spend more time transferring texts.

other services

SEO promotion
First positions in search engines Yandex and Google
from 15.000 / month.
  • We write texts
  • Monthly report and technical specifications
  • We even launch new sites
  • SEO optimization as a gift
Search Engine Optimization
Proper optimization is the key to rapid growth in search
  • Site analysis
  • Detailed technical specifications
  • Checking for SEO filters
  • We implement recommendations
New design for the site
New modern design for your website
From 60.000
  • Individual design
  • Any control system
  • Rendering all pages
  • For PC, tablet and mobile

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